Training on the trainer in summer!

Chicago weather has been really wet.  While summer temps are finally here, almost every day comes with a thunderstorm.  Yesterday morning I got lucky and managed to get 2:20 riding in without getting wet.  This morning, however, thunder and lightning at 5:30am messed up my plans.  My training plan says this is my 3rd overload week (week #2 of build cycle #3) so no riding is no option.  Hence: the trainer in summer!  (I also want to share a link to my blog on managing a world tour team…)

Yet it isn’t that bad: intervals on the trainer are more controllable and very efficient to fulfill my daily workload.  Recall the daily training stress score TSS, which measures duration adjusted for intensity: 100 TSS points equals 1 hour at your max or FTP.  I must admit that “meeting my TSS daily goal” has become almost an obsession or source of anxiety: you don’t want to fall behind in an overload week…  Anyway, things worked out well: 2 hours before breakfast with the kids were good for about 150TSS.  This included 3 x 20min near threshold (although it was more “sub” versus “near”) while watching, for motivation, reruns of Jelle Vanendert’s win on Plateau de Beille in TdF 2011 and Thomas De Gendt’s win on the Stelvio in the Giro of 2012.  I love youtube!  Then decided to add 1hour of 1 x 1 to make up for my deficit of yesterday: in total 1:26 after breakfast was good for 120TSS.  270TSS: not bad for 3:26 in the saddle.

Tomorrow morning again 60% chance of t-storms–darn, while efficient, bikes are meant to be ridden outside!

PS: in honor of the upcoming TdF, here is a blog entry I wrote on our Operations Room professorial blog yesterday.

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