Climbing Like a Pro

Just received these short, but interesting 12 slides titled “Climbing like a Tour rider” by Joe Friel.  A few relevant items for this season’s ambitions (my Haute Route prep):

  1. Best climbers’ weight (slide 3): good news: for a 5’10” rider, it means 140lbs.  I’m not there yet, but within 2 lbs/1kg.  With 51 days to go, and the hardest training still to come, I am hopeful.  Why is this so important? Slide 6 shows that 1kg excess costs you 3sec per km on a moderate climb.  (I need to verify the physics here, if I ever have time.)
  2. Lesson from slide 4: give it your all to keep a strong wheel on the flats.
  3. What’s the best one can do now (with only 51 days to go to the Haute Route Alps)?
  • Build fitness.  YES!  Increasing that CTL is what it’s all about now by putting in massive amounts of training stress score points (TSS).
  • Hill cruise intervals.  No 8-12min hills in chicago land, but I hope to start this soon on location.
  • Going “danseuse”.  I like that, and slide 9 shows why that’s the case if you are lighter.
  • Keep up the cadence
  • Work on the mental state.  (Doing fine so far–just believing in the schedule and executing it is all I can do now; the occasional down day is probably normal…)  The start of the TdF this weekend also gives a great boost!  Vive le velo!
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2 Responses to Climbing Like a Pro

  1. Here’s one video you will like — it compares the watts expended using a lighter bike versus a lighter rider:

  2. Gerry says:

    Nice little slideshow. I’ve lost over 25 lb since I started training and I can confidently say that weight is (nearly) everything on long climbs like the ones we’ll be getting to know in August. I have 3 lb to lose to hit that magic 2 lb / inch. Makes a nice goal. Thanks for sharing.

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