Bad, bad news: bikes stolen

Just got up to bad news:
10 bikes stolen at our hotel @Haute_Route dream over! Cannot believe this…

They were in a secured garage; locals knew and did pro breakin job. Shiit

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3 Responses to Bad, bad news: bikes stolen

  1. andrew j. spatz says:

    You are there to have fun, maybe you 10 guys can organize and the tour provide you with transportation to go to a local shop or BIG SHOP and snag some equipment for tomorrow. I am sure you have heard of this happening to teams in big races. Not much different than if the airlines LOST your bike.

    Good luck, going to sleep, andy

    If you want me to get with lou in the AM, let me know

    andrew spatz (adas/spatz properties)

    1216 main street, evanston, IL 60202

    (O) 847.864.3100 (C) 847.971.3290 (F) 847.869.5647 (e-mail) (website) Click here: adas spatz properties

  2. Roels, Guillaume says:

    Shocking, that is outrageous! I hope that the organizers (and the police) will do something about it. Ater such an excellent start, it would be sad to have to stop there. Wish you the best of luck to overcome this! Guillaume

  3. Mertens says:

    Beste Jan, het is heel heeel spijtig , ik hoop dat ze voor morgen jullie goede fietsen brengen,waar mee je verder kunt en de route uit te rijden . Het is vreselijk dat er altijd mensen zijn ,die het gemunt hebben op andermans goed . Jan we leven met u mee en alles komt in orde . t. Rita


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