Haute Route Alps 2013 Stage 3: Report

I had written an entire update on what happened today but the darn wordpress didnt save it on the iphone! I had enough bad luck today and
No more energy to retype it all…

Suffice it to say I got a replacement bike and will ride tomorrow, but not sure how much of a race it will still be…

The stage report first, followed by official stage info:

My Stage Report:
Day Classification:
General Classification:

  • Stage 3: Val d’Isère – Serre Chevalier
  • Tuesday 20.08.2013
  • Distance: 164 km
  • Cols & Ascents: 3
  • Total Ascent: 3400m; Total Descent: 3800m
  • MARATHON Stage: Difficulty 5/5

Official info from HR: This 164km marathon stage from Val d’Isère to Serre Chevalier offers a double dose of original riding for this year’s Haute Route Alps. Fully timed from the start line in the high-end ski resort of Val d’Isère, to the finish line in the famous resort of Serre Chevalier, the route passes into Italy for the first time ever. To tackle this big day, riders must make sure they still have enough left in the tanks after the first two days in the saddle.

In true Marathon spirit, there are no extreme climbs to be afraid of, but with 3400m total altitude gain, and 164km distance, it’s a long day’s riding. Uphill from the start line, riders will begin their day with a mere ‘warm up’ from Val d’Isère to the Col de l’Iseran. Starting with a 16km climb from 1840m to 2770m is not a gentle way to wake up – at an altitude where oxygen is in short supply!

Top tip: don’t forget to admire the views on the long, fabulous descent from the Col de l’Iseran, which winds through the magnificent Vanoise National Park. From Lanslebourg, riders will make a left turn to attack the Col du Mont Cenis (2084m), with its beautiful lake welcoming cyclists to the summit. With 10km cycling to climb 600m altitude, the first tests of the day are done!

Next on the agenda is the dip into Italy, where riders will join Giro d’Italia roads for around 60km. Be warned: from Susa to Bardonecchia is deceptive, with a 35km ‘valley’, which climbs steadily with no respite between these two Italian cities. The altitude gain in this valley is just 800m total, but if the wind’s blowing in the wrong direction, riders will need to dig deep …

The final section of this Marathon day is a more welcoming one: the Col de l’Échelle brings the route back into France through the Briançon countryside, via the lovely Valley of Névache. Returning to Serre Chevalier from the first Haute Route in 2011, riders have just 20km left to go! The end is in sight so it’s time to relax and enjoy it. Or, of course, there’s always the choice to pick up the pace to the finish line …

3 climbs of the day:
• Col de l’Iserand, 2770m altitude, 16 km to climb
• Col du Mont Cenis, 2083m altitude, 10,5 km to climb
• Col de l’Echelle, 1598m altitude, 13 km to climb
My Stage Report:
Day Classification:
General Classification:
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2 Responses to Haute Route Alps 2013 Stage 3: Report

  1. Mimi says:

    Again I say, think King Henry V and rally your troops! You can do it! Blessings, Mimi

  2. John K says:

    Hope the bike works out for you and you can put all the bad luck behind you. Your hra experience will be more rememorable than others which may be a good thing. Have to ask. Is the provided bike a loaner or keeper? What did they provide you? Good luck tomorrow!

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