Moving on after Haute Route Alps: New bike?

On Monday night, after a long journey from Nice to Frankfurt to Chicago, I was treated to a warm welcome home and unexpected Haute Route & birthday celebration.  Loved it!Image

ImageShannon emailed her mom: “Even though he is now 47, he’ll always be #1 to us (hence, the “1” candle on the cake)! Wonder what he wished for?”ImageWhile I am still not fully recovered (darn I was tired!), time to look forward!  After filing my insurance claim for my stolen bike, the good news is that I’m in the market for a new bike :).  Technology is moving quickly and many decisions to be made:

  • 10 or 11 speed? (I’d like to go for 11; just need to swap the cassette and I can still use old wheels )
  • Electronic shifting? (I didn’t consider this before but the few friends who tried it, love it. Obviously another piece of electronics that can fail and I was happy with SRAM Red, but is the crisper, self-adjusted shifting of Shimano Dura-Ace worth that risk/price?)
  • Hydraulic brakes?
  • Disc brakes?  (Probably not needed here in the flatlands of Chicago and would require new wheels)

Who’s got experience or suggestions?

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10 Responses to Moving on after Haute Route Alps: New bike?

  1. Sharon Shachar says:

    I can say – Hydraulic brakes !!!! YES !!! I have the magura hydraulic brakes on my tri bike and they stop like a dream. Work amazingly in the rain on carbon reams. I know that SRAM have been doing road shows of their new red 22 system – that would be worth trying if they still have tests in our area (they had a day in highland park a few weeks ago and I know people took bikes for a 3-4 hour test ride).

    • Glad to hear that Sharon! The current Canondale line up still doesn’t use the SRAM 22, perhaps the new 2014 will.
      Would like to see your breaks–perhaps we see each other this weekend? Also want to give your bike bag back (worked great: no charge on Swiss Air to Europe and no charge on Lufthansa back because I folded the bag — recall no more bike 🙂

  2. Ken Cahill says:

    EEE God Jan–I wasn’t sure if you were buying a bike; a Segway or a Honda Fit!! Sounds like fun though having those decisions.. PS: The wheels that were stolen were Shannon’s, if I heard the story correctly and the ones at home were yours–so, who gets new wheels–you or Shan..DA

  3. Gerry says:

    Jan, I almost wish I had gotten my bike stolen over there, too, so I’d have a good excuse to buy a new one! I’m in the market anyway and I’m going for a) probably a Colnago b) mechanical groupset c) top-end alu wheels (there almost as light as carbon anyway).

    The only problem is money. Other than that, I’m set! Good luck with the decision. Take your time, try a bunch, and enjoy the process.

    • Gerry: well, you’ve already narrowed it down to only one remaining constraint: money :). Yes, I am going to take my time exploring and the first decision will be: buy a 2012/2013 model soon (they are discounted) or a 2014 (with the new technology such as, e.g., SRAM 22 and hydraulic brakes). I don’t think I’ll go for disc breaks, and intuitively seem to prefer SRAM22 over electronics but this time I will test ride.

      • Gerry says:

        You’ve hit it on the head, Jan. I think I know what I want. Probably I should be quick and get it before my wife gets back from Japan!

        Good luck with the decision. Looking forward to reading your research reports.

  4. Carole Cahill says:

    A much deserved celebration.

  5. John K says:

    Hi Jan,

    I’m looking for a bike bag. Can you share with us which one Sharon let you and any pro/negative comments. Thanks

  6. Doug Warren says:

    Were you one of the unlucky eleven(?) that got bikes swiped in Val d’Isere?
    Bummer. Did they get you BMC’s for the rest of the ride?

    -Doug Warren, #451 HR Alps 2013, Broomfield,Co.

  7. Doug Warren says:

    Ooops, just read the link.

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