Garmin 510 “low on memory” solution

During two big rides this season my Garmin 510 ran out of memory and I lost the data. Bummer!  The weird thing is that I always delete my activities so there were no old rides on the Garmin so how could it have ran out of memory?  Where did the 10 or 11MB go?

I may have found the weird answer from this Garmin forum:

If you are using a Mac then you need to empty the trash while the 510 is connected to the Mac to really free up the space.

So I did and, indeed, the Garmin 510 then showed again 10+ MB free.  Hopefully this will solve the problem, but who would have figured that you need to empty the laptop trash to clear Garmin memory?

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6 Responses to Garmin 510 “low on memory” solution

  1. Ken Cahill says:

    Ah those techies—always looking for ways to confuse we lay-people!! Da

  2. Jason says:

    Mac always leave hidden folders here and there, especially USB drives, garmins included! Don’t be surprised to find 5yr old files in ./trash

  3. Bob says:

    It’s not your laptop’s trash, each drive (your Garmin appears as a drive to the Mac) has its own trash folder. But useful to know anyway.

    I came across this when trying to find out how much data the 510 will hold before it begins deleting old files.

    • Bob: I’m no Mac expert, but on Yosemite I only see one trash can for the entire computer. When I empty my trash, it also seems to permanently delete the “deleted” fit files on the Garmin 510 because by right clicking “get info” on the Garmin (mounted as a drive), I can see that I have more memory available again. (Probably “delete” on Mac is just a temporary delete to allow you to “undelete”.)

      Garmin’s software capabilities are sometimes a mystery: my Garmin 510 now shows ” Capacity = 21.8MB and Available = 30.5MB”. It also says “Created Wed, Dec 31, 1969.” Go figure…

  4. Rik says:

    Wow! This is so helpful Jan! Thanks

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