Dreaming of the Dolomites: pump or CO2 cartridges?

It’s another cold winter in Chicago.  Dreaming of my trip to the Dolomites end of June is all I can do.  Given that it won’t be a race, time to inflate a flat really isn’t a factor so I’m thinking of carrying a pump instead of cartridges.

Of course, the overriding decision factor is weight.  So I’ve put my new Lezyne test up to the scientific test and it wins by 21g.  Yahoo!  Added bonus: the pump can fly with me (on the airplane that is) while cartridges cannot.

2 cartridges and inflater = 114g

2 cartridges and inflater = 114g


My new pretty Lezyne pump is exactly 93g as advertised!


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5 Responses to Dreaming of the Dolomites: pump or CO2 cartridges?

  1. Andrew J. Spatz says:

    How does it work? You could skip dessert? You could skip LOOKING at dessert?

    andrew spatz (adas/spatz properties)

    1216 main street, evanston, IL 60202

    (O) 847.864.3100 (C) 847.971.3290 (F) 847.869.5647 (e-mail) aspatz122@gmail.com

    (website) http://www.spaceevanston.com

  2. In Italy I will devour all sweets, all pastas, all meats, all espressos, all wines!

  3. Ken Cahill says:

    Had no idea you were going to the Dolomites..not a race, but a what? DA

  4. Gerry says:

    I have a bunch of CO2 cartridges that I’ve never used because I always think the pump is a ‘safer’ option, so I’m with you on your decision. Having said that, I think I should probably figure out how to use the cartridges for races. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Patricia says:

    I always carry a pump, a patch kit and a cartridge. I’ve had up to 3 flats in one ride, twice (once in Scotland, once in DC). Tell more about the Dolomites trip!

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