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My 2018 Christmas Eve project: resurrecting my HP41CV

Sometime in high school in 1979 or 1980, I bought my beloved HP41CV. The first programmable calculator with alphanumeric display and, of course, reverse Polish notation. It’s got Wikipedia entries and has become a collection item, fetching multiple $100s on … Continue reading

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Did my cycling power really increase this winter on my Wahoo Kickr? Power accuracy and thermal drift on my Kickr

Do you train using a Wahoo Kickr that is in your garage or in a colder area like me? I probably bought one of the first Wahoo Kickr’s in 2014 and was a beta user on Zwift. The Kickr is … Continue reading

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Should healthcare prices be regulated or free?

Behind this article in The New York Times is an interesting question alluded to in its final paragraph: should health care prices be regulated or free?  PhD dissertations and books are written addressing this intricate important question that can’t be done … Continue reading

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Sinus Bradycardia, Life Insurance, and Cycling

A short interruption of my dormant blog state to share a new learning.  Recently I looked into changing my life insurance policy and underwent a physical exam as part of the qualification.  A professional came to our house and administered … Continue reading

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Dreaming of the Dolomites: pump or CO2 cartridges?

It’s another cold winter in Chicago.  Dreaming of my trip to the Dolomites end of June is all I can do.  Given that it won’t be a race, time to inflate a flat really isn’t a factor so I’m thinking … Continue reading

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There is no free lunch on Ventoux

Brilliant day in Bédoin: perfect for the ride with Gerry that we planned on a few months ago. Given that we hadn’t been any more specific in our planning, Gerry asked this morning “so what are we going to do? A … Continue reading

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Garmin 510 “low on memory” solution

During two big rides this season my Garmin 510 ran out of memory and I lost the data. Bummer!  The weird thing is that I always delete my activities so there were no old rides on the Garmin so how … Continue reading

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Cycling around Barcelona: Col de Parpers; Turo de l’Home

A short blog summarizing three nice road-bike rides last week around Barcelona–mostly for those who may visit in the future.  (I like to find good rides when I am in a new area but it was fairly difficult to Google … Continue reading

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Fitness five months after laparoscopic surgery (appendectomy)

It’s been 5 months and 12 days since my surgery. Time for a short update, since March blog. Fitness is fine and I feel no different from before surgery–so all is good from that most important perspective. What about the … Continue reading

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Time to put something on the roof!

I love the three weeks of the TdF–it’s the height of summer to me and this first week certainly has been interesting and entertaining (which is, after all, the purpose of pro sport, isn’t it? Bread and games…). Time to … Continue reading

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